To Love Honor and Betray

A night of terror. A day of reckoning. A passion that sweeps across the world…

Akira prides herself on always choosing the story.

Except, the one time the story chose her.

When terrorists attack the luxury yacht she is onboard in the exotic waters off the coast of South America, Akira’s shot at by them…

And saved by a brooding ex-military mercenary, Brandon.

Compelled to find the reasons why secret millionaire Brand continues playing protector to Akira, she goes on a hunt for the truth.

The truth is dark and dangerous.

The truth is hot and torrid.

And the truth is most likely going to get Akira killed.

Even worse? When she finds out the secrets her grumpy bodyguard is hiding, his betrayal is going to cost her more than her heart…it’s going to cost Akira her life!