To Love Honor and Avenge


His mission is vengeance. Till she comes along…

Krivi retired from the spy business without bringing down his greatest enemy: The Woodpecker, a deadly terrorist. His failure led to a personal tragedy that haunts Krivi, four years later.

So, when his old boss offers him an undercover assignment in Kashmir that might lead to catching The Woodpecker, Krivi comes out of retirement to take down his nemesis.

He doesn’t count on meeting Ziya Maarten, a woman suspected of having ties with The Woodpecker...

Or his unholy attraction to the strong, independent Ziya.

Ziya cannot understand why she is attracted to her newest employee.

Krivi is tall, dark and brooding so he shouldn’t make her pulse race…and he should definitely not know how to defuse bombs!

He does both.

Ziya comes to know of Krivi’s horrific past because it collides with a devastating tragedy in her present.

So, Ziya has to answer the toughest question of them all: How do you trust a man to avenge you when he knowingly broke your heart?

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