The Worst Daughter Ever

The black sheep of the Chakrapani clan is coming home...

Lasya ‘LJ’ Raghavan is a spectacularly single, unsuccessful playwright with an estranged family,
crippling debt, and a dead-end job.

When the family matriarch Chandralekha Chakrapani dies, LJ has to face the family that considers
her an epic failure…

Especially her father, who has taken a vow of silence against her; her cousin sister, Ahalya, who
blames LJ for destroying her marriage; and Bridezilla Kiki whose wedding has been cancelled.
Adding to the family drama is Banjeet ‘Ben’ Dewar, her grandmother's lawyer who keeps showing
up whenever LJ falls apart. Ben is everything LJ is looking for in a man, except Ahalya is interested
in Ben too!

Can LJ be selfish once more when the last time nearly destroyed her family? More importantly,
can LJ’s family forgive her when she is the ‘worst daughter ever’? Written in the style of bestselling
Indian rom-coms, The Worst Daughter Ever explores love, loss, friendship, family, redemption and
forgiveness in a funny, emotional, coming-of-age tale.


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