A royal vow of hate…a broken vow of protection…a final vow of death.

Princess Helena Heinrickson has a ruined reputation to redeem. Royal obligations to fulfill. What she really wants is to save the world. So Lena runs away to the other side of the world and dons an anonymous disguise.
It doesn’t stop the world’s best tracker from finding her…the same man who broke her heart seven years ago. With an assassin’s target on her back, Lena is forced to live with the man her brothers deem worthy enough to protect her. But Lena only deems him worthy of a vow of hate.
Unfortunately, her brooding bodyguard, her older brother’s best friend, just might be the only thing standing between her and utter chaos.
Ex-Marine and black ops agent, Shane McRae is tired of everything. The billions, the bullets, the ghosts chasing him. He’s most tired of the lies he’s told one woman – a young Princess Lena.
When he’s hired to track Lena, he grabs the chance to make things right with the girl he could never forget. Except, this passionate and alluring princess wants nothing to do with him.
With an assassin aiming for Lena, it is Shane’s job to protect her at all costs. And the chaos in his head calms down when he is around his best friend’s little sister. In bed and out of it. He isn’t sure being her bodyguard is going to redeem him in her scornful eyes…He just knows he wants to try.
Those Dangerous Royals is a series full of royal, romantic suspense starring filthy rich, brooding, former military protectors who want a second chance at life and find it in the strong women that are sunshine and redemption.

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