Her secret crush turns out to be a secret prince! Now she’s under his royal rule.

Sasha waits tables to support her teaching degree at NYU and dreams of being a romance writer. She’s content to crush on her tall, mysterious regular from afar.
She doesn’t count on her crush to have dangerous secrets.
But, a midnight encounter to save his life turns into the ride of her uneventful life. The mysterious customer is a secret prince and a lethal soldier. And he wants Sasha in his castle…and his bed.
Sasha is swept into a world of royal intrigue with a brooding, scarred man capable of only breaking her heart. Wanting him is the worst possible mistake because fairy tales don’t end in happy ever after for commoners. Do they?
Alexander Heinrickson is a renegade royal. Mostly because he chose to serve and protect the innocent instead of just being the spare prince. After his black ops assignment ends, he stays in New York and chooses to work a menial job.
When an attack team comes for Xander, he’s rescued by a feisty waitress. Xander has no choice but to protect her by taking her back to his family castle. Even if she hates him for it!
Wanting Sasha is bad enough when he knows he can never offer her more than a passionate few days. But his wary heart desperately needs Sasha and her sunshine love…even if she ends up paying the ultimate price for it.
Those Dangerous Royals is a series full of royal, romantic suspense starring filthy rich, brooding, former military protectors who want a second chance at life and find it in the strong women that are sunshine and redemption.

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