What I Write

I write unapologetically Filthy Rich Heroes with a decent streak a mile wide. So, in essence, they use the capitalist system of doing business for the power of good! It is incredibly hot. Especially when it is done in secret and creates friction and hatred with the heroine.

My heroines are hard-working, independent and highly motivated. Whether it is career, or running a house, these women stand their ground and do the best they can, sometimes under terrible circumstances.

They are an equal match to the hero in every way possible, often being brave in ways the hero is not. Which brings forth the emotional heart of my romances.

Most times, these heroes will jeopardize themselves and the way they live and work to help the heroine in peril. And it is never to save her – my heroines are no damsels in distress. No, it’s to stand by her side while she dispatches her own demons – physical and emotional – by herself.

They are incredibly hot, and they take care of themselves, so they make that extra effort themselves for the heroine to find them attractive. No one is magically pretty and beautiful. It’s work. As is the actual relationship, sexual and emotional.

These heroes are incredibly hard-working, often coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. Using nothing but their own grit and determination and, sometimes their thirst for retribution and revenge, to make something incredible of themselves.

In the process, they find men, brothers, and women, soul mates, who think and work and act like them.

My heroes are undeniably honorable. But they aren’t always honest. The distinction is what causes insanely hot angst between the hero and, often, blue collar heroine.

I’m an unabashed romance writer so happy ever after are my business. Eventually, no matter how ugly and horrible the conflict is between the hero and heroine, there is a guaranteed happy ever after. Complete with heart-tugging and chuckle-worthy banter.