To save their world, they raced to marry. Now, they Blaze together...

Nihaal's F1 season is not going well. At all! He has to score big with the investors who hold his dream hostage. He has to win all the remaining races if he wants to win the championship. Most of all, he wants to live without the bane of his existence - smart and feisty fixer Mili.

His new wife - who hates his very guts. And possibly wishes him dead.

Mili just came back from the dead a changed woman. All the grudges and secrets that were so important aren't important anymore. The one thing that hasn't changed?

Mili's hate for her brand-new charismatic husband. Or her infernal want for his race-roughened hands and the way this former playboy fits so well against her.

Never is too soon a time to see him... But, after their secret arranged marriage becomes public knowledge and the paparazzi descend on Mili and Bhatnagar Farm, this future Formula One champion has only one choice.

To protect Mili. To keep her safe. And to keep his desirous hands to himself while sharing his life with the woman whose smoky eyes, razor brain, and mile-long legs drive him insane.

The brooding billionaire is afraid he might have finally met his match with the prickly and independent Mili.

Because the last thing she wants is to be safe. Especially as she courts deadly danger head-on.

Nihaal knows the time has come to lay it all on the finish line - his skill, his passion, and his heart... All are set to Blaze.

Blaze is the heat-filled and thrilling conclusion to Nihaal and Mili's explosive marriage of convenience, enemies to lovers romance that began in Burn. It needs to be read after Burn (Ruthless Billionaires).