Nihaal Bhatnagar is Formula One's newest bad boy champion. He also has a scarred childhood and the life he left behind in India. After Nihaal's bright future and his ugly past collide right in the midst of his biggest race, Nihaal has a single choice.

Go back home. To Bhatnagar Champion Stud Farm in Kolkata. To a grown-up veterinarian sister, he doesn't know anymore. To a manager who resents him. To a lawyer, Mili, who is as smart as she is fiery. And attracts him like an engine does oil.

When Nihaal's dead father backs this bad boy into a corner - Marry within two weeks or lose a billion-dollar inheritance, Nihaal bitterly makes a bold and unconventional choice. He coerces Mili, who is also the executor of the family's estate, to become his wife.

But there are secrets careening out of Bhatnagar Farm, a million-dollar Thoroughbred's fate in the balance, and the arranged marriage from hell. Nihaal's got one of two choices: Race or BURN.

Meet the Ruthless Billionaires. They are ruthless, dangerous, powerful, born of secrets, sins, and ambition. Tempting the one woman who makes them burn with dark desires in a lush and dangerous world. Hate is just another word for want and love is the ultimate chase for them.