My Millionaire Foe


She's falling for her boss...The one she calls My Millionaire Foe
Tara Trivedi hates everything. From her dead-end job to her small-town existence. Most of all, she hates that she resembles Vanshika Rohtak, India’s newest supermodel.

Vanshika has everything Tara wants - the fame and glam - so Tara decides to run away from her miserable life to the big city and get it all. As luck would have it, Tara’s life becomes a Bollywood fairy-tale when she actually lucks into a supermodel gig meant for a missing Vanshika!

But every fairy-tale has a villain and Tara’s is Ved Pratap Singh.

The fantastic photographer hired to produce the exotic beach location shoot Tara is pretending to headline.
Sparks and words fly between Tara and Ved – who can’t stand Tara but needs her to save his career.

There’s a thin line between hate and desire and Tara and Ved are in danger of crossing it. Except, Tara’s heart will be collateral damage in the treacherous game Ved is playing.

Tara finds herself in the middle of a career dilemma that only has one assured end: destruction. After all, all lies are exposed in the end.

My Millionaire Foe is a standalone, enemies to lovers romance starring a moody, millionaire royal and a sunshine small-town accountant with a guaranteed HEA.